Finding your decor style

Finding your decor style - hi..Home Design,The house is a sanctuary for all that occupies. Every spot within the house is required to service each family member. A father needs a comfortable workplace, a mother also needs an efficient kitchen and a pleasant children's room.With these considerations we give an idea of Finding your decor style The proper selection of the house is the key to determining how well the inhabitants reside in their palaces. No matter how vast it is important to be at home

Have you ever looked for similarities in rooms you are attracted to in magazines or online?
That's one of the best ways to determine what you like for your own decor.  If you don't know where to start here are several suggestions to set you on your way to finding your personal decor look.

Develop a vocabulary for your style 

Initially you may not have the words to describe  why you are attracted to a space or why you find it interesting, but you will over time if you do enough looking and comparing.

  1. Start with some rooms you  don't like at all. 

When you have about 10 or so look at them and decide what you don't want in a space.  This is just as important as what you do want.

Here's a room that doesn't  particularly ring my chimes because it has too much glitz and materialism.  It reminds me of  a woman who has on too much makeup and bling,  but there are lots of people who love a glam look.  I'm not judging, just saying it's not for me.

glamorous living room

 2. Have a category for rooms that you like aspects of

     It might be the furniture or the fabrics or layout.  It could be how it is accessorized. It could have one thing you like or a number of things.  Identify what you like and don't like.

interesting vignette, creative vignette, Caleb Anderson
Caleb Anderson 

You can be attracted to a space and not like all the components of it. I appreciate that this space is dramatic and artfully conceived.  Dark wall colours are not part of my aesthetic nor is traditional decor, but I find myself drawn to this space. Why?

  • mix of  some traditional and modern (furniture and art)
  • accessories in vignette combine colour, texture, form and  different styles
  • the perfect intersection of chair back with art  making the chair an integral part of the vignette
  • there is nothing cookie cutter about this space; it's totally individual /unique
  • the variety in the vignette arrangement takes my eye back again and again
  • it is the opposite of what I like usually (light interiors, clean lines and more minimal look) 

3. And most importantly find rooms you love


 Here are some spaces I love from recent pins on Pinterest.

Room #1

geometric white and black tile, modern kitchen, flat panel kitchen doors

 This room couldn't be more different than the one above!  It is a space that I think is timeless even with the bold tile choice.

Here's what I like about it:
  • simple geometric patterning in neutrals 
  • simple lines in flat panel doors
  • mix of open shelves with doors to provide some visual relief
  • mix of wood,  white and geometric to add interest 
  • this would be in style for years

Room #2 

black and white patterned pillows, Scandinavian living room,

There are similarities to the kitchen above if you really look. Here's why I find this appealing:

  • mix of warm wood and neutrals
  • a room has to have at 3-5 different patterns for me to find it interesting
  •  a touch of the outside is important to me (plants and wood) 
  • lots of textures
  • pared down but inviting because of the rug and the pillows

Room #3

black and white bathroom, black mosaic tile, wood in bathroom,
Such a great space:

  • white, black and wood
  • it looks like a well composed abstract painting
  • very geometric in layout, especially the vertical window and cube lights
  • the mirror connected everything visually 
  • like how the sink is like a piece of furniture, not hidden
  • this is a unique space 
I hope these simple suggestions will help you define your decorating style.  We are all unique and that's what you should aim for in your home.   Go for it!

Such is the discussion of Finding your decor style ,that I can share on this occasion, hopefully it can help you find a suitable home design.
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