Choosing what's important

Choosing what's important - hi..Home Design,The house is a sanctuary for all that occupies. Every spot within the house is required to service each family member. A father needs a comfortable workplace, a mother also needs an efficient kitchen and a pleasant children's room.With these considerations we give an idea of Choosing what's importantThe proper selection of the house is the key to determining how well the inhabitants reside in their palaces. No matter how vast it is important to be at home

Summer is officially over.
Did any readers notice  I took an extended holiday away from Designing Home blog?

This is where I spent my summer.

The little speck of a house in the background is my favourite place in the world. The views are spectacular and the ocean in all its moods speaks daily.  Duntara is as close to heaven as you will get.

I had a marvellous summer full of creativity, conversation, relaxation, long walks roaming the beaches, whale watching and iceberg viewing directly in front of the house and on and on it goes.  I'm coming to fall with a renewed focus on my art practice.  It feels very satisfying. 

My new work continues to focus on  what gets left behind, but I have moved from two dimensional works to three dimensional using found wood and objects to explore Compositions in Time.  

wood assemblage, wood collage, found materials,
Composition in Time #22,  2016, Margaret Ryall , wood assemblage, 16 x 16 in. 

wood assemblage, white wood, remnants,
Composition in Time #27, 2016, Margaret Ryall, Wood assemblage, 16x16in.

white and blue wood assemblage, reclaimed wood
Composition in Time #29, 2016, Margaret Ryall,  wood assemblage, 16 x16in. 

Such is the discussion of Choosing what's important,that I can share on this occasion, hopefully it can help you find a suitable home design.
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